Dolby Vision HDMI bug

Dolby Vision HDMI bug

Dolby has introduced a bug in its Dolby Vision HDR method, which transmits faulty HDR-metadata over an HDMI connection. Devices like the Apple 4k TV, external UHD Blu-ray players supporting Dolby Vision are all affected by black levels which shift into the grey when compared to their HDR10 counterpart. Smart-TV apps like Netflix are not prone to the bug, which only manifests itself over an HDMI connection.

Fortunately Dolby has admitted the bug and provided a fix, which needs to be implemented by all TV manufacturers and issued as a firmware update. No recall will be necessary. LG has already announced that it will release an update for their 2016 and 2017 OLED range of televisions, while Sony has to implement Dolby Vision support over HDMI.

I’m curious as to when I will receive the update. There is an ongoing debate whether Dolby Vision or HDR10+ will eventually establish itself as the next generation dynamic HDR format. Dolby Vision is proprietary, while HDR10+ is an open standard and royalty-free. Both are backed by numerous studios. I don’t believe this incident will have any advantages or disadvantages for Dolby.

Source: Forbes

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